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"Support for startup businesses for young people" is project funded by the Municipality of Strumica and FOSM, and it will be implemented by Knowledge Center.

In order to provide the appropriate support for young people, this project will develop a concept for educational training for the transfer of experience, skills and knowledge. This will enable selected applicants to develop their initial draft business ideas. Thematic trainings that will be part of the training include developing business and management skills, marketing planning, marketing communications and e-marketing, sales techniques, as well as financial and legal aspects of the operation of small and medium enterprises.

The aim of the project is for 20 business ideas to be further developed into business plans, where the best 8 will be rewarded from the total fund of 1.54 million denars, contribution of Strumica Municipality and the Foundation Open Society - Macedonia (FOSM).

On July 8, 2016, Strumica Municipality signed a contract with Knowledge Center for organizing and conducting educational training for young people in order to accomplish this project. Knowledge Center will implement project activities within the Innovation Centre - is a laboratory for innovation within the Knowledge Centar, created under the auspices of the Central European Initiative through Austria EPC program for 2014-2015.

The project is scheduled to run from July to October 2016.