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The first of the five trainings of the i3 took place in Sofia, Bulgaria 3-7 December 2018. 50 trainees from Greece, Bulgaria, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia participated in specialized entrepreneurial training, geared towards the theme of life style.The project aims to promote territorial development and cooperation by the establishment of a model for entrepreneurial training and transfer of knowledge for young entrepreneurs.

After arriving in snowy Sofia, Bulgaria, the teams from the different countries were treated to a dinner at their hotel, where they had a chance to introduce themselves and meet the project partners. For the next three days, the trainees undergo specific training including; Business-model-creation, value proposition, budgeting and planning, state of the “Lifestyle” sector, applying innovative approaches and tools to “Lifestyle” themed business ideas, that were created by the teams from the different countries.

The trainees were free to explore the beautiful city of Sofia, after the conclusion of each training day. Besides the valuable tailored knowledge gained through the workshop, the trainees also met a vast network of like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs, and experienced a new culture.

The Center for Knowledge Management always strives to build bridges and opportunities for the participants in our projects and trainings. 

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) is a research centre established in 2008, with an aim of enhancing and improving knowledge management processes in all societal spheres in Republic of Macedonia and the SEE region. Covering a wide area of activities performed in collaboration with the civil sector, the state, and public administration and the profit sector, CKM 's vision is to become an active actor in the institutional and economic development of the country, and the region in general.