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The first of the five trainings of the i3 took place in Sofia, Bulgaria 3-7 December 2018. 50 trainees from Greece, Bulgaria, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Cuprys  participated in specialized entrepreneurial training, geared towards the theme of life style.The project aims to promote territorial development and cooperation by the establishment of a model for entrepreneurial training and transfer of knowledge for young entrepreneurs.

Three-day workshops in entrepreneurship  conducted in 5 countries covering 5 different sectoral themes !

  1. Lifestyle : Bulgaria (3-7 December 2018)
  2. IT: the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  (21-25 January 2019)
  3. Technology: Greece (18-22 February 2019)
  4. Energy:  Cyprus (16-20 March 2019)
  5. Environment: Albania (13-17 May 2019)

The Balkan – Mediterranean area suffers from market fragmentation, high unemployment and limited labor force skills, actions are needed to foster the entrepreneurship potential by encouraging new business models, especially the ones promoting innovation and supporting internationalisation. i3 project intends to tackle the identified weaknesses by introducing a model of entrepreneurial learning & knowledge transfer targeted at young people and bringing their needs with the market demand in order to sustain development and growth.